Oregon Capitol

Oregon’s capitol building in Salem, Oregon has been through some troubled times. In fact, this is Oregon’s third capitol building – the first two were destroyed by fires. The current building was completed in 1938, and it hasn’t been without its share of catastrophe — an earthquake caused serious damage to the Capitol Dome in 1993 and another fire caused the Governor to evacuate a number of his offices in 2008. Here is a photo of Oregon’s Capitol at twilight.

Mount Hood

Mt Hood has received quite a bit of snow lately, and I’ve had a couple of recent opportunities to photograph this big hill in my backyard!.I grabbed this image as I drove into Boring, Oregon on 282nd just at sunset. The light was amazing – not only producing a beautiful “alpenglow” on the snow-covered flanks of the Mountain, but it was also lighting the church and the community in the valley below. I quickly pulled over — making my wife wait in the car while I jumped across the street with my camera!