Groom holding bride while looking at Columbia Gorge after wedding at Wahlclella Waterfall.

Wahclella Falls Wedding

Wahclella falls in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge is a special place, especially if you decide to get married there! Suffice it to say, Annika is a pretty outdoorsy girl. Born in Denmark, she met Kevin at school near Seattle, Washington. When she’s not studying to be a Veterinarian, Annika spends her time looking for her…

Images of family portraits printed on canvas and framed ready for hanging above a fireplace or to decorate a wall in a family home.

Decorating your Home with Family Portraits

There’s truth in cliches. Your home is your castle. And in many cases your home is a family’s most valuable asset. And a well decorated home creates a sense of place, comfort and belonging for everyone under the roof—not the just the adults, but the little ones too. So, when it comes time to decorating your own personal refuge, what better option is there than to fill the walls with the people and places that you love the most?