Mia | Pit Bull Terrier

My friend Matt was in a pinch a few weeks back and asked me to care for his Pit Bull Terrier, Mia. It was just for a few days while his family was out of town, so I was happy to oblige. And while most people might see this as a simple pet sitting gig, I saw a willing subject and an opportunity to make some portraits! Pitt Bulls get a bad rap. But let me tell you, this 2 year-old pup is one sweet and lovable lap dog. When she wasn’t at my side wanting her belly rubbed and her ear’s scratched, she was begging me to throw her ball for a seemingly endless game of catch.

Happy Trails

There’s nothing like a happy toddler chasing the family dog along national forest trails. Or swimming in the cool mountain lakes of the Pacific Northwest. In these days of ipads, cell phones, and other pervasive electronic gadgets, our family has made a concious effort to give our toddler an anundance of outdoor time — while limiting time spent in front of a screen. Family hikes and camping vacations are one way we make this happen. It’s a great opportunity to make lasting memories and capture some beautiful family portraits too.

Trevor | Glencoe High School

Glencoe High School’s Trevor is an Eagle Scout and wants to be a nuclear scientist. He describes himself as a homebody who can be a bit shy, reserved, and melancholic at times. But he’s also funny, caring, and super smart! When Trevor’s not filling out his application to Oregon State University, he enjoy’s playing video games and watching TV with his family. He’s a big fan of the “Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and likes to follow national politics. When it comes to music, however, he can’t pick a favorite. All he can say is “heavy metal is definitely not for me!” When it came time to plan his senior portraits, Trevor was pretty easy going. He was willing to wear the dress pants and shirt that his mom picked out. And even his scouting uniform. As long as he could also wear his standard: jeans, a hoody, and his blue fedora.