In April, Brian Pasko Photography opened up the doors of our new studio located in Boring, Oregon and we were quickly off to a great start with this fashion series entitled “Age of Aquarius.” It turns out that the first portrait session shot in the new studio resulted in print publication in Freque magazine!

Fashion portrait of a model taken in studio by senior picture and family portrait photographer Brian Pasko.

Freque (pronounced “freak”) is known as the “fashion freak magazine.”  It is a stand alone international print & digital magazine that features fashion designers, photographers and models with outstanding work and unique fashion concepts. The magazine’s goal is to inspire and intrigue its readers with unique, weird, strange and unusual photography and fashion. (You can click on the images below to see larger versions of this series.)

Fashion portrait of a model in professional makeup taken in studio by senior picture and family portrait photographer Brian Pasko.

The idea for this portrait shoot was initially conceived by Sasha (pronounced “saysha”) Steifel of Sensayshanal Makeup Artistry. Those who have worked with Sasha know that she is the makeup artist that can tackle anything—from brides to high school seniors to high fashion and theatrical makeup. In this case, the design and photography revolved around the theme of “blue” and we were aiming for an otherworldly, almost alien, look and feel.

Fashion portrait of a model in professional makeup picture with star wars theme taken in studio by senior picture and family portrait photographer.

Whatever the challenge, time and time again I’ve watched Sasha Steifel pull up with her giant “toolbox”—I’m almost certain she carries around more professional gear than I—and make magic happen with faces of all shapes and sizes.  She’s just amazing to work with and I highly recommend her to my clients.

Fashion portrait showing professional makeup detail of model picture taken in studio.

And we were privileged to work with the insanely talented “multi-media model” Jordyn Grae. A student, dancer, yoga instructor and more, Jordyn has modeled professionally for editorial shoots and on runways world-wide.

Portrait of a fashion model picture with blue professional makeup on high key background.

Most folks who are not involved in the photography or fashion industry have very little understanding of how hard it is to be an effective model.  In reality the work is extremely demanding — not just physically, but emotionally.  The best models combine the stamina of a well-trained athlete with an actor’s ability to step into character and display a range of emotions and expressions.  These images would not have been possible without the skill that Jordyn brought to the shoot. Follow her work at and check out her instragram feed at

And, remember!  You don’t need to be a professional model to create amazing images! Contact Brian Pasko Photography today and let us tailor a portrait session that will show off your or your family member’s unique personality and style!