AJ is an artistic senior at Tualitin High School. He enjoys creating art, playing video fames, and making his own clothes.

He and his family are also BIG Timber’s fans!

AJ was interested in creating some unique senior pictures that showed off his artistic personality. So, I suggested some websites and encouraged him to explore the Alberta Arts District in Northeast Portland.

Portland’s Alberta street is well known for its street murals and graffiti. A short walk down a 10 block stretch and you’ll find dozens of artistic, hand painted brick walls along the street fronts and alleys.

After a bit of internet research, AJ and his mom chose a handful of their favorite murals. Their selections included everything from paintings of orcas to abstract designs to colorful graffiti. Armed with a loose plan that included plenty of freedom to play around and explore, we set off on a Sunday afternoon to create a set of unique senior portraits.

After exploring Arts District along Alberta Street, we took some extra time to make some more traditional senior portraits. We headed over to nearby Laurelhurst Park in southeast Portland where we were able to capture some more natural backgrounds, adding variety to AJ’s final set of senior portraits.

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