Earlier this summer, Winnie went searching for a photographer. She needed beautiful family portraits she could hang on the walls of her Happy Valley home. After stumbling upon my website, she scheduled a phone conversation with me to learn more. And it didn’t take long to discover that we were a match!
Winnie and her husband Manuel have a beautifully manicured backyard in Happy Valley, Oregon. And they live in their home with Winnie’s 100-year-old mother!
Winnie did not just want photographs of her with her mom and grandchildren. Instead, she wanted framed artwork that she could hang in her foyer and family room. She also wanted to gift canvasses to her son and daughter in law so that they would also have family portraits hanging in their homeWinne sought to intentionally create family portraits that her grandchildren will one day cherish and pass on to future generations. And I was happy to help!
Leading up to their portrait session, I helped Winnie to select a color scheme clothing for each family member that would complement the existing colors in her home.
I also learned that her oldest Grandson, J.R. is a musician and quite fond of their family’s dog. I encouraged her to have him bring both to their family portrait session.
The two smallest children (ages 2 and 4) were a bit harder to pin down. But with a bit of patience and play, we were able to capture images that really showed their individual personalities.
In the end, Winnie has two exquisite matted and framed prints hanging in her home. Her son has several large canvas gallery wraps warming his living room. And the grandchildren have memories of their parents, grandparents, and great-grandmother that they will cherish when they have grandchildren of their own.
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