Beau is a football player and a member of the swim team at Central Catholic High School. Like many high school guys, Beau was reluctantly willing to have his senior pictures taken to appease his two moms. But he ended up having a great time creating senior portraits that showed off his love of football, making some unique swimming images in his home swimming pool, and capturing meaningful images that show Beau’s connection with his childhood dog.

Senior year is a time of celebration and reflection for high school students. While outdoor senior portraits are traditionally taken at local parks or other scenic locations, many high school seniors choose to have their senior pictures created in their homes or backyards.

Being photographed at your home or in your backyard during your senior year is the perfect way to create senior images that are personalized and meaningful. Your childhood home naturally has sentimental value and conjures all kinds of memories. 

In Beau’s case we were able to find all sorts of nooks and crannies around his home that made perfect backdrops for his senior portraits. We photographed him in his football uniform in the shade of some trees across the street from his front yard. And even in the next door garden with permission from his neighbor.

The familiar surroundings also provide a comfortable and authentic backdrop, especially for reluctant senior boys who don’t want to travel or put in any extra effort, and want a quick and easy senior portrait session. This comfort helps to avoid awkward feelings and translates into natural smiles and genuine expressions.

The best senior portraits show off a senior’s individuality and captures a visual display of who they are during this fleeting time in their lives. Backyard senior pictures help to do this in a natural way. It’s the place where seniors have grown up, made memories, and experienced significant moments. By having their senior portraits taken in these meaningful locations, they will evoke a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality that can’t often be replicated elsewhere.

The privacy of backyard senior pictures can also provide opportunities for creativity and personalization in ways that other settings might not. In Beau’s case, we were able to take advantage of his home swimming pool. The privacy of his backyard and the lack of time constraints that we might have had at a public pool allowed us to experiment with colored gels and other lighting techniques that allowed us to create some fun and unique images that show off his interest in swimming.

Beau also wanted senior pictures with his aging childhood dog, Bear. Bear holds a special place in Beau’s heart. Bear watched Beau grow up and was with him through all of his high school struggles. Beau wanted to capture the deep bond that he shares with Bear. By featuring Beau’s dog in his senior portraits, we were able to create beautiful senior portraits and timeless heirlooms that Beau and his family will cherish throughout their lives.

Are you looking for someone who can help you create timeless senior portraits in your backyard, a place that has childhood significance, or another location that is important to you? Learn more about classic high school senior portrait sessions with Brian Pasko Photography at!

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