I got to play papparazi today!  When Will told me about his plans to propose to his fiance Priscilla at a Black Rock Coffee Bar, I said “heck yeah I’ll photograph it!”

Will was taking Priscilla  out for the day to celebrate their two year anniversary and wow was she in for a surprise!  Their day started off at the coffeeshopt where they had their first date.

They ordered their tea and sat down. Well, she sat down and he  kneeled down with a ring in his hand!

Little did Priscilla know that I was lurking in the background.  In fact, I was at Blackrock well before they were, talking the Baristas into playing Will’s music requests over thei loudspeaker whole he proposed.

And of course I was also there to photograph their special day so they can remember the moment forever and share it with their friends and families.

Congratulations Will and Priscilla!