Images of family portraits printed on canvas and framed ready for hanging above a fireplace or to decorate a wall in a family home.

Decorating your Home with Family Portraits

There’s truth in cliches. Your home is your castle. And in many cases your home is a family’s most valuable asset. And a well decorated home creates a sense of place, comfort and belonging for everyone under the roof—not the just the adults, but the little ones too. So, when it comes time to decorating your own personal refuge, what better option is there than to fill the walls with the people and places that you love the most?

Portrait of a father tying groom's tie before a wedding in McMinnville, Oregon.

McMinnville Wedding – Darlene and Lennox

Darlene and Lennox were married this month during a large, yet intimate weding ceremony at the Coast Hills Community Church in Mcminville, Oregon where Lennox is the worship pastor.

Father kissing his four year old son who is fighting cancer.

Happy Birthday Omar

This past weekend I had the honor to witness and photograph a very generous community of people pour all of their love into a birthday party for a very brave four year-old boy who is battling cancer. In 2014, Omar was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was just two years old

Family Portrait of mom, dad, brother, and sister picture with preteen children in Oregon park.

Tips for Great Family Portraits

For a lot of people, family portrait sessions can be really stressful. Are the kids going to have a meltdown? Is Dad going to throw a temper tantrum? What if junior decides to play in the mud in his Sunday best? Does my hair look okay? There’s just so much pressure to get the perfect picture!


Metallic Prints vs. Metals

I get asked by clients all the time what is the difference between a metallic print and a metal. Both of these products are great choices for displaying your images, especially for pictures of children and high school seniors where you want portraits with vibrant colors and a lot of energy.

Portrait of a smiling six month old baby girl picture with a yellow sweater and a brown background

Better Family Pictures – The Rule of Thirds

If you’re looking to take better pictures and snapshots of your children and family, consider the rule of thirds! One of the things that I learned from my mother growing up is that the value of a photograph isn’t always about technical perfection, it’s about the story that it tells.  Yes, there’s a time and…