Happy Dog!

My dog Cookie was quite happy to pose for me this evening.  It’s a good thing I haven’t yet gotten around to mowing our lawn!


Photograph of the Cape Disappointment Lightouse at twighlight on the Oregon Coast.

Cape Dissapointment

My wife and dog and I went to the coast this weekend for a much needed getaway. Here are some images from near the final destination of the Lewis and Clark expedition.


Wedding Ring

My wedding ring has endured almost 9 years of wear, tear, and abuse (i.e. love). My friends (more so than my wife) know that in this nine-year period I have “temporarily misplaced” my ring more times than I can count. Fortunately, the duration of those misplacement periods has been relatively limited (a week or so at most). But all the same, I figured I better take a photograph of my ring while I still have the chance!