Professional headshot of corporate woman in parking lot pictured with company trucks and blue dress shirt.

How to Look Awesome in Photographs

So you’re planning a night out on the town this weekend and much to your dismay your friends are surely going to want to take your photo!

Have no fear! You can rock that cell phone pic! A lot of work goes into posing and lighting a professional portrait, but here are three quick tips that I give to all of my clients to help them look their best.


Baby in a santa hat and red pajamas wrapped in holiday Christmas lights with beautiful soft lighting.

All Wrapped Up

Our Christmas gift came a few months early this year, but the lights of the holiday season provided the the perfect excuse for some fun and creative portraits of our three-month old Kiana! (Click on the images below to see larger versions).

Portrait of baby sitting on Santa's lap holiday picture at Boring Damascus Grange Hall in Oregon.

Christmas in Boring

Christmas in Boring Oregon comes with the long tradition of our annual community holiday party hosted by the Boring/Damascus Grange.  Every year we gather at the Boring Station Trailhead Park, located in the heart of “downtown” Boring. We sing Christmas Carols with our friends and neighbors and await for Santa’s arrival on a decades-old antique…


Portrait of a baby picture with a brown thanksgiving jumper with turkey on high key white background.

Giving Thanks

On the evening of September 21st, my name was etched onto a nondescript paper certificate and in a blur I found myself with a new title: “father.”

Picture of rocky ocean shoreline and waves at Manzanita Oregon.


Oregon is an amazing place to live, and one of my favorite spots is the tucked away little town on the coast known as Manzanita. (Click on the images below to see larger versions). Of course, Manzanita is just one of the amazing places that Oregon has to offer!  If you’re planning a visit or…


Portrait of a posed newborn baby picture with a purple knit hat.

Kiana Sophie

On September 21, 2015 at 6:57pm my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful, tiny baby girl we named Kiana Sophie.  5 pounds, 7 oz. 18 inches long.

Black Rock Engagement Proposal

I got to play papparazi today!  When Will told me about his plans to propose to his fiance Priscilla at a Black Rock Coffee Bar, I said “heck yeah I’ll photograph it!” Congratulations Will and Priscilla!


Portrait of beautiful bride and groom with her dog beautiful picture at Postalwaits country wedding venue in Canby Oregon.

Country Wedding in Canby

Yeehaw!  There’s nothing like a romantic country wedding at Postlewait’s in Canby, Oregon, complete with a beautiful outdoor ceremony area, grape vineyards, a remodeled bar, and even a country saloon!  It was the perfect place for David and Rachel to get hitched!

Editorial event photograph of Lotta the Cloud face painting a girl with picture at Celebration in Boring, Oregon.

2015 Celebration in Boring!

Once again, this year I had  the privilege of photographing my favorite hometown event, the “Celebration in Boring.”