Brian’s Review:

If you find it difficult to form new habits and break old ones, this book by James Clear is for you.  I am admittedly bad at both, and “Atomic Habits” has given me some good pointers to make this process a bit easier.

The big takeaway of this book is that it’s much easier to make small changes that add up to big changes over time, rather than to fail trying to make a giant change to your life all at once. And, if you are able to use things that you are already doing in your routine to trigger a reminder to perform your new habit, all the better. (Clear calls this “habit stacking.”

What sets this book apart is Clear's emphasis on the power of tiny habits, and how these seemingly insignificant actions can compound over time to create significant changes in our lives. By breaking down the science behind habits and providing actionable strategies, the author provides some clear tools and strategies t help you build good habits and break bad ones.

Overall, "Atomic Habits" is a pretty easy audio book listen (read if you must). It’s definitely on my short list of book recommendations if you are looking to try to make some impactful changes to your regular routine.


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