Brian’s Review:

"Free to Focus" by Michael Hyatt is a great resource for anyone feeling overwhelmed by their to-do list or who is looking for some tips to increase their day to day productivity. In fact, the author offers a complete system to setting and accomplishing your goals — you can even buy printed quarterly planners on Amazon to help you implement the lessons in this book.

But don’t avoid this book because you are thinking you have to go ”all in.” If you’re like me, I am always skeptical of “complete” systems designed by others. Because they rarely work with my personal approach to life. Such was the case here. There were pieces of this book that I found truly valuable; Others not so much. And I’m not just not a paper calendar kind of guy, But I was able to take many of the lessons learned from this book and adapted them to use with my own digital tools (for me that’s Apple Notes and the task management app).

Hyatt breaks down productivity into easy-to-follow steps. From prioritizing tasks to setting boundaries, Hyatt's approach is straightforward and actionable. And gives you some solid tips to help you tackle everything from your daily to do list to setting and reviewing quarterly or annual goals.