Cape Horn has been called one of the best “unknown” trails in the Columbia River Gorge. Once destined to become a subdivision, the Cape is one of the most biologically rich natural areas along the Columbia River. It doesn’t hurt that its filled with beautiful wildflowers, stunning views, and is a bird watcher’s paradise.

The cliffs at Cape Horn have fostered Peregrine Falcons for centuries and sightings are all but guaranteed to hikers along the popular Cape Horn trail. They can be seen diving from the at speeds of over nearly 200 miles per hour, stunning small birds (their most common prey).

On our recent hike at the Cape, the Falcons were seen in the distance flying high above the cliffs. The wildflowers filling the basin, however, were much easier to photograph!

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Wild Rose:

Tiger Lilly:


Marsh Marigold:


Spider Art:

Blue Flag:

Western Bleeding Heart:

Deer Fern: