Family portrait of three generations with grandparents, parents, and adult daughters with labrador retriever dog on farm with old farm truck.

Portraits on the Family Farm

For this family, having their portraits taken on the family farm was the obvious location choice. Here’s a look at three of the five generations who have been farming the Baggenstoss property in Sherwood, Oregon since the 1920s. If you haven’t visited the Baggenstoss Farm store recently, it’s sure worth the trip! It’s a pretty awesome…

Images of family portraits printed on canvas and framed ready for hanging above a fireplace or to decorate a wall in a family home.

Decorating your Home with Family Portraits

There’s truth in cliches. Your home is your castle. And in many cases your home is a family’s most valuable asset. And a well decorated home creates a sense of place, comfort and belonging for everyone under the roof—not the just the adults, but the little ones too. So, when it comes time to decorating your own personal refuge, what better option is there than to fill the walls with the people and places that you love the most?