Scarlet | Oregon City High School

I had the privilege of photographing Scarlet this past May, just before Oregon City High School’s Prom. The springtime flowers and cherry blossoms accented Scarlet’s beautiful red dress. This setting, along with a bit of creative lighting, resulted in stunning images of Scarlet and her boyfriend, Wyatt, to commemorate their senior prom. We had a ton of fun at their high school senior prom session! And by the end, both Scarlet and Wyatt were both excited to have their senior portraits taken with Brian Pasko Photography! Scarlet is truly beautiful, inside and out. She cares deeply about her family, especially her little sister Mia. And after high school, she hopes to travel and teach English in a third world country. Moreover, Scarlet is a ton a fun to be around. She describes herself as “outgoing, fun, energetic, bubbly, talkative, and picky.”

Cole | Sandy High School

Cole is a championship track star at Sandy High School. He’s also a bit of country boy and has been riding ATV’s since he was 2-years old. He doesn’t live in Sandy, though. Cole and his family live out i Brightwood, Oregon, tucked away in a quiet little spot along the Sandy River. And that’s where Cole decided to take his senior pictures. So we spent a lot of time during his senior portrait session exploring his back yard and buildings around Cole’s home. Cole lives on a rural country road in a small community where everyone knows their neighbors. As a result, we were able to take some of Cole’s senior pictures using a fence and other features on his neighbor’s property. The area has plenty of ferns, trees, and other foliage. And we still had some fall colors, which gave us plenty of background options for Cole’s senior pictures.

Sophie | Sherwood High School

Sophie is a high school senior and a cheerleader at Sherwood High School. But when asked what she likes to do, Sophie is more likely to talk about drawing, listening to music, or hanging out with friends. She describes herself as outgoing and adventurous. She loves to travel (which is high on her to do list after graduation and before heading off to college). And her favorite dish is sushi. Sophie really wanted her high school senior portraits taken in a rural area. She was especially looking for an open field in the background. So, after some searching and discussion, we settled on Powell Butte, a Portland Recreational Park, near Gresham, Oregon

Kian Brookins | Century High School

Century High School senior, Kian, wants to go to college to become a computer programmer. He has big, fiery red hair and soft green eyes. And he’s more than a bit of a book worm. Every spare minute he has, you’ll find himself buried in a good book. When asked about his interests, Kian responds: “reading, reading, board games, reading, video games, and reading.” “I spend 90% of my free time reading,” he says. It’s no surprise that he enjoys quiet and solitude. He also enjoys forested areas with trees, particularly when there’s a nice breeze. So when it came time to decide on a location for Kian’s high school senior portraits, we decided to take his senior pictures at Rood Bridge Park.

Jessica | Lake Oswego High School

Jessica is a special high school senior at Lake Oswego High School. She’s creative, artistic, and full of energy. She says she’s a bit shy around new people, but if you met her for the first time you sure wouldn’t know it! She enjoys reading and writing stories. And loves music, dance, choir, and acting. She cares deeply for the people around her likes hanging out with her friends. And she’s an adventurous soul too. Jessica had her heart set on taking her high school senior Portraits in the mountains or by a river. But not any old river, mind you. She was adamantly against having her senior portraits taken along some large, slow-moving river, like the Columbia or the Willamette. Instead, Jessica was after whitewater. She had just come back from a whitewater rafting trip with her family. So Jessica and her mom began scouting for the perfect location for her high school senior pictures.

Trevor | Glencoe High School

Glencoe High School’s Trevor is an Eagle Scout and wants to be a nuclear scientist. He describes himself as a homebody who can be a bit shy, reserved, and melancholic at times. But he’s also funny, caring, and super smart! When Trevor’s not filling out his application to Oregon State University, he enjoy’s playing video games and watching TV with his family. He’s a big fan of the “Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and likes to follow national politics. When it comes to music, however, he can’t pick a favorite. All he can say is “heavy metal is definitely not for me!” When it came time to plan his senior portraits, Trevor was pretty easy going. He was willing to wear the dress pants and shirt that his mom picked out. And even his scouting uniform. As long as he could also wear his standard: jeans, a hoody, and his blue fedora.

Scarlet & Wyatt | High School Prom

Wyatt is Scarlet’s first serious boyfriend. And Scarlet’s Mom wanted to make this year’s Oregon City High School prom extra special for the two of them. When Scarlet’s mom approached me about photographing Scarlet and her date on prom night, I was really excited about what we could capture. We immediately began scouting for the perfect location to create beautiful prom portraits for their high school senior year. We finally decided on the Baker Cabin Historic Site near Carver Park in Oregon City. The property contains a small pioneer church and an old cabin. And it was the perfect season for portrait photography because the gardens and flowering cherry trees were in full bloom. The red roses and pink blossoms perfectly complimented Scarlet’s red dress and Wyatt’s fuchsia tie.

Senior picture of high school senior boy with portrait against brick wall.

Ben | Metro East Web Academy

Ben is a high school senior in Gresham who attends Metro East Web Academy, an online public high school here in Oregon. He is a creator of video and a practitioner of parkour. Ben chose to do his senior portraits at Fairview Community Park in Wood Village. Fairview Community Park is a small area that is packed with a myriad of backgrounds and senior picture possibilities! We started Ben’s shoot just outside of the community park. A nearby residential area offers an urban type atmosphere with brick walls and concrete structures. We even took advantage of a large dumpster and garbage disposal area to create an interesting (one could even say handsome) grunge look that is perfect for high school senior guys!

Southridge High School Senior boy with senior portraits against mural on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon.

Julian | Southridge High School

Southridge High School’s Julian is an adventurous artist and he wanted to do something fun and unique for his high school senior portraits. I specialize in cool and unique on-location high school senior pictures, and I’m always up for a fun adventure! When I asked Julian about his extracurricular activities, drawing was at the top of Julian’s list (followed closely by playing mmprog video games and hanging out friends). He was also excited about getting his first car this summer and is slowly venturing out and driving.Because of Julian’s artistic interests, trendy style, and his willingness in doing something a bit outside of the box, we decided to create some one-of-a-kind senior portraits for Julian in the Alberta Art District in Portland, Oregon. Alberta Street in Portland has become known for its many creative street murals.