Lake Oswego High School senior portrait of girl in black dress on the campus of Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon..

Emily | Lake Oswego High School

Emily is a high school senior at Lake Oswego High School who loves listening to music, drwaing, painting and writing. She also performs in theater. And boasts about the fact that she was once in four separate countries in a single week (the United States, Canada, England, and France). Emily aptly describes herself as imaginative, creative, sensitive, and independent. She’s a serious high school student, but also looking forward to planning a road trip with her best friends soon after she graduates! Emily is tall (as in taller than me tall!) with pale skin, strawberry blond hair and beautiful green eyes. As a result, she wanted high school senior pictures that would complement those features, and especially bring out her eyes.

Portrait of two sisters in a field with daisies and vintage dresses.


Samantha and Isabel embody sisterhood despite their difference in age. Isabel is about to turn four years old and Samantha is a high school senior at Robert A. Long High School. After graduation, Samantha is headed to Ireland for college, so Mom wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to take some family portraits of the two of them together and as individuals. They were looking for outdoor portraits with a variety of backgrounds and outfits. As a result, we settled on two separate locations. The first was at Clackamas County’s Eagle Fern Park where we photographed the girls against a backdrop of green ferns and old growth forest. The second location was in a natural area near Barton, Oregon where the golden fields provided a perfect idyllic setting to display the connection that is shared by these two girls.

Hillsboro High School senior portrait of girl leaning against a red brick wall in Portland, Oregon.

Olivia | Hillsboro High School

HIllsboro High School’s Olivia was unnecessarily apologetic in her first phone call with me. It seems that with her busy high school senior calendar she just wasn’t able to schedule her senior portraits earlier in the fall. So here we were talking just before the Thanksgiving Holiday about how to schedule an outdoor senior portrait session in time to create a great senior yearbook picture in time for her December 13th deadline!

Cleveland High School senior portrait picture of senior girl sitting casually on wooden fence near wetland.

Samantha | Cleveland High School

Cleveland High School’s Samantha is itching to graduate and travel the world with her best friend. She’s an outgoing volleyball player, adventurous and loves to make people laugh! Several years ago I had the privilege of photographing Sam’s sister for her Cleveland High School senior portraits. Sam’s sister Abigale and I had a blast taking her senior pictures, so I was expecting to have a lot of fun with Sam. And she sure didn’t’ disappoint!

Picture of Glencoe High School senior girl with senior portrait in a black and white plaid shirt.

Claire | Glencoe High School

Glencoe High School’s Claire is a senior who is classy, confident, and complex. “My personality is full of contradictions,” she says. “I’m shy, but I like to stand out. I tend to be a leader, to push shyness away when there is a task to get done. I’m curious and adventurous, but I am incredibly conscience of the negative outcomes my explorations could have.” “I have an eclectic style. I love classic looking clothes but I also enjoy very modern and original looks. My casual clothes are dressier than most,” says Claire. And she is already wise beyond her years and committed to making the world a better place. “What really forms my personality,” she says, “are my morals.” “I do my best to always have a positive impact on those around me—from smiling to passers by, to complimenting people who look down, to helping people.“

Headshot portrait of a senior girl taken for the Sunset High School yearbook at Horsetail waterfall in the Columbia Gorge.

Madelyne | Sunset High School

Sunset High School senior Madelyne (her friends call her Maddy) describes herself as adventurous, ambitious, and passionate leader who loves “hiking, camping, and exploring, especially at all of the beautiful waterfalls in the area.” So, when it came time to create her once-in-a-lifetime senior portraits, we set out for an adventure amongst the waterfalls of…