Larch Mountain Sunrise

Larch Mountain is a special place in the Columbia River Gorge, especially at sunrise. At the top of this now extinct volcano amidst a forest of firs below are stunning views of the younger volcanoes that surround the summit; Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, and Mount Jefferson are all visible from…

Black and white image of Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

Wizard Island

Wizard Island is a volcanic cinder cone that forms an island on the west end of Crater Lake in Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park. It was formed when Mount Mazama erupted violently over 7000 years ago—its summit was replaced with a caldera that today is filled by Crater Lake. At its deepest point, the crater…

Wild Rogue River in southern Oregon.

The Wild Rogue

The Rogue River flows 215 miles across Southwest Oregon, beginning high in the Cascade Mountain Range near Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean. It’ wild salmon runs, whitewater, and rugged scenery earned it’s designation by the U.S. Congress as one of the nation’s original Wild and Scenic Rivers. The River’s course has been highly influenced…

Cape Horn

Cape Horn has been called one of the best “unknown” trails in the Columbia River Gorge. Once destined to become a subdivision, the Cape is one of the most biologically rich natural areas along the Columbia River. It doesn’t hurt that its filled with beautiful wildflowers, stunning views, and is a bird watcher’s paradise. The…

Photograph of the Blood Moon during a total lunar eclipse.

Blood Moon

If you haven’t been looking up, the moon was been pretty spectacular these past few days, culiminating in a spooky red total lunar eclipse early Wednesday morning. A reminder that my fine art images are available for purchase. You can see more image like this by exploring my fine art galleries.

Cloud Cap

Fall has arrived, and my wife Kim and I opted to spend the first weekend of October camped at Cloud Cap, high on the Northwest side of Mount Hood. From the hike to Cooper Spur to the night sky at camp to the sunrise the next morning, this trip afforded some great photo opportunities!