McGee Creek, Mount Hood, Oregon

McGee Creek

Summer in Oregon is quickly coming to an end, so I jumped at the chance to get up on the Mountain one last time before the rains set in! This is a shot of McGee Creek near McNeil Point high up on the north side of Mount Hood. Capturing this image required a challenging 10 mile hike, but it was worth every step!

Jefferson Wilderness

My wife and I just returned from a week-long backpacking trip in Oregon’s amazing Mount Jefferson Wilderness. This was sunset over Marion Lake and Three Fingered Jack on Day 1. We had stunning views of Mt. Jefferson throughout our trip. Here’s a shot of the Mountain from its South side on our second day. On the third day, the sunrise revealed an interesting lenticular cloud over the summit of Mt. Jefferson as seen here from the shore of Hank’s Lake. (Yes, that’s our orange tent down there at the edge of the lake!)

Columbia Gorge Sunrise

4am comes early, but sometimes the best images require a bit of sleep deprivation. This photograph was taken just after the sun broke through the fog that had settled in the Columbia River Gorge. This photo was taken high above the Columbia River from Oregon’s Women’s Forum State Park, looking east along the river past the Vista House at Crown Point.

Owyhee Canyonlands

Deep in Oregon’s southeast corner sits an immense tract of jagged rock formations, sagebrush steppe and strikingly colored desert known as the Owyhee Canyonlands. This is Oregon’s “Grand Canyon” – one of the largest unprotected roadless areas in the continental United States — and it contains hundreds of miles of wild and scenic rivers and a geological beauty that rivals desert lands that many Oregonian’s believe only exist in southern Utah.