Black Dog in White Snow

I am often asked by pet owners how to photograph their back dogs, especially in white snow or other bright conditions. They find that their cameras will often capture the scene reasonably well, but their dogs appear as black blobs with little or no detailI am the proud owner of a black and white border collie rescue dog. She’s still a puppy, and this winter was her first experience romping in the snow. The images in this post were taken during a walk we took on a remote logging road in Oregon’s Mount Hood National Forest.

Images of family portraits printed on canvas and framed ready for hanging above a fireplace or to decorate a wall in a family home.

Decorating your Home with Family Portraits

There’s truth in cliches. Your home is your castle. And in many cases your home is a family’s most valuable asset. And a well decorated home creates a sense of place, comfort and belonging for everyone under the roof—not the just the adults, but the little ones too. So, when it comes time to decorating your own personal refuge, what better option is there than to fill the walls with the people and places that you love the most?

Metallic Prints vs. Metals

I get asked by clients all the time what is the difference between a metallic print and a metal. Both of these products are great choices for displaying your images, especially for pictures of children and high school seniors where you want portraits with vibrant colors and a lot of energy.

Professional headshot of corporate woman in parking lot pictured with company trucks and blue dress shirt.

How to Look Awesome in Photographs

So you’re planning a night out on the town this weekend and much to your dismay your friends are surely going to want to take your photo!

Have no fear! You can rock that cell phone pic! A lot of work goes into posing and lighting a professional portrait, but here are three quick tips that I give to all of my clients to help them look their best.

Wall Art

Say what you will about online photo sharing, there’s just NO SUBSTITUTE for a professionally printed photograph, especially when we’re talking about high school senior and family portraits! Especially those big beautiful pieces of art that you can touch and feel and display on your wall! Here’s a snapshot of a 16″x 24″ canvas that…