When their three girls and their grand children flew home to Damascus, Oregon from far away places, Karla and Larry jumped at the chance to take some family portraits. And I was honored to help create them.

Karla loves her family more than anything. Larry hates to get his hair cut (but Karla insisted on one well before their portrait session)! Anna loves nothing more than to make fun of Karla (all with love and good humor of course)!

Julia is the funniest one in the family (and knows it)! But everyone says that Becka gives Julia some stiff competition for funniest family member!

10 year-old Jace (JJ) is the size of a 13 year old and an ace basketball player already! Ryan is a pretty serious 7 year old who doesn’t like when his Aunts poke fun at him. And beautiful Adele, recently adopted from Haiti, has the best laugh you have ever heard and lights up her new family’s lives.

What an amazing, special, beautiful family!

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