Dance Portraits

As a Dad to my own little dancer, I am committed to giving you and your dance community a safe, fun, empowering, and professional experience — in addition to stunning images that showcase your talent and passion for the art of dance.

Dance Portraits

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Dance Portraits

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I believe that dancers of all ages deserve a photographer who will give them a fun, professional, safe and empowering portrait experience — in addition to beautiful images that showcase their talent and passion for dance.

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As a Dad to my own little dancer, I am committed to giving you and your dance community a safe, fun, empowering, and professional experience — in addition to stunning images that showcase your talent and passion for the art of dance.

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Dance Picture Days for Schools & Companies

If you are a dance studio manager looking to elevate the exceptional experience you already provide to your dance families, this is your chance to take your dance picture day to the next-level at no cost to your studio!


Trust me to remove the worry and stress that you might currently associate with a dance picture day. As a small business owner, I understand the many hats that you wear as a dance studio owner. I make it a priority to ensure that every minute you invest in a dance picture day is worthy of your time. And I offer you the flexibility to choose your level of direct involvement. Click here for a list of the four things that I ask from studio owners when planning a picture day for your dance studio.

Your studio deserves a photographer who has the skill and experience to help you organize a fun and efficient event. More importantly, your dance parents deserve a certified professional who will leave them with beautiful imagery that shows-off their intentional investment in their children and your small business. Let’s work together and give your dance families a precious gift that will place a permanent reminder of the experience you provide on the walls of your dancer’s homes.


What is a dance picture day?

A dance picture day is an exciting event where dancers from a school or group dress in their costumes, gather with their friends, and create beautiful professional portraits that can be shared online, put on display at the studio, and used to grace the walls of a dancer’s home. 

  • No Pre-Ordering or Session Fees!

     There is never a fee to the dance studio to schedule a picture day for groups of 20 dancers or more.  And, there is no pre-ordering requirement for dance parents. After picture day, parents receive a link to a private online proofing gallery of their dancer’s images from which they may choose to order from a wide variety of reasonably priced, satisfaction-guaranteed collections, digital images and heirloom-quality printed products.

  • Full service photography, from beginning to end!

    I am available to help studio owners and managers with every logistical aspect of planning and implementing your dance picture day. After the event, I will hande all of the ordering, product delivery and customer service processes for you.

  • Easy online ordering that dance parents love!

    After picture day, parents will receive a link to a private online proofing gallery of their dancer’s group and invidiual images. From there, parents may choose to purchase a wide variety of reasonably priced, satisfaction-guaranteed packages, digital images and heirloom-quality printed products.

  • Fast turnaround!

    Depending on the size of your dance company and other factors. images are commomnly available for viewing and ordering within 1-2 weeks.

If you are are a parent or dancer and your dance studio that does not offer a picture day, please contact me and I will be happy to reach out to your studio and talk to them about the opportunity to schedule a picture day at your dance studio! Also, consider the options below if you are seeking photographs for individual dancers, groups. or small dance teams.

Mini Sessions for Small Groups and Dance Teams

Group mini sessions are scheduled once or twice each year at my studio or another suitable location, depending on interest from the dance community. They are an option for dancers whose home dance studios do not offer a formal dance picture day. A $35 session fee per dancer is required in advance to reserve a 10 minute, 1-costume portrait session. Or choose a $75 session fee for a 30 minute session with up to 3 outfits. Following the mini-session dancers receive a private online proofing gallery from which they can order prints and products at the same volume prices that are offered during a traditional dance picture day. Click here to request more information, or use the form below to be added to be notified about upcoming group mini sessions.

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Audition & Custom Portrait Sessions for Individual Dancers

For dancers who want substantially more individual attention and time to create, I offer full length dance portrait sessions that are similar in structure to the high school senior portrait sessions offered by my studio. These Individual dance portrait sessions are custom designed for your dancer and are intended for dance families seeking to intentionally create audition images and/or art to be displayed inside their homes. As a result, a substantially wider selection of products are available for purchase such as albums, framed prints, canvas wraps, metal and acrylic wall art displays, and more.

A $185 session fee includes unlimited outfit changes and a 2-hour portrait session that may take place either in my studio, on location or both. Following the portrait session, dancers receive a private online proofing gallery and then may choose to purchase (in addition to the session fee) one of three packages (called collections). Each collection includes (1) a certain number of downloadable digital images and (2) a certain amount of store credit that may be used toward the purchase of prints and products with my studio. For example my collections begin with the “Basic”collection, which is $475 and includes 10 digital images and a $150 store credit.

Performance Photography

If you are interested in inviting me to photograph your live performance or dress rehearsal, there are several options available:

Online Ordering for Families: If your primary need is to allow dance families to purchase images of their dancers, I am able to provide an online gallery and integrated shopping cart that allows dancers and their parents to easily purchase the images they love. I offer a variety of digital and print products for sale and I handle all of the communication and order processing. For these online sales offered to dancers’ families, the pricing for prints and digital photos is significantly reduced compared to an individual photo session due to the volume of orders that come from a typical performance. Dancers’ families usually each spend between $20 to $200 on their orders of performance photographs.

Flat Fee: Alternatively, I can provide a digital download of all of the images of the performance to all of the dancers for a flat fee ranging between $25-$45 per dancer based on the number of dancers in the performance.

Performance Images for Commercial Use: Along with photos offered to dancers’ families to purchase, schools also have the option to purchase all of the images from the performance for commercial and marketing use for an additional $200 fee. Performance photography for schools and companies in which the photos are exclusively for the school or company’s comercial use starts at $450 per performance. Please contact me for a custom price based on your needs, location and the length of the performance.

Click here to request more information or book your performance photography date.

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Safeguarding Mental Heath and Well Being in the Dance Community

In this episode of the Dance Through the Lens, the hosts discuss sensitive topics such as mental health, abusive behavior towards minors, grooming, and sexual abuse in the dance community. They emphasize the importance of addressing these issues openly to create awareness and promote a safer environment. Their guest, Steven Karageanes, a physician specializing in dance medicine, shares insights and tips on how to ensure the well-being and safety of young dancers. They discuss the importance of dancer-centric care, appropriate photography practices, and the role of parents in protecting their children. They also touch on the influence of social media and the need for responsible song and costume choices. The hosts encourage open dialogue and offer resources for those who may have experienced or witnessed such situations. Overall, the episode aims to provide valuable insights, support, and resources for parents navigating the world of dance.[0]=AT0-bOJXEyzfQN4i90tII5oIpDW6zv2Ybaj32JR6bbxPYAaIO6JWEU-7ODIAGjsFP4YnCLkqzCCW2D6ZVy9vFG5wnRzxHthJMcNe6ZyipPtlBHIR8Q0qkSNjm1g1W5CVQsfp4umOiFONMuxu5-cKSybbbEXSNBFfeErQq7VvghPe6mzxNpvm3u4Xp95iol-kYlRzB4O1ivcWk5plvdrt1W2feTrr-ZC3L3-2iL4