If you follow my blog, you already know that I am a BIG FAN of the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon in particular. And, as far as the weather goes, I am of the view that there are definitely worse places to be. You won’t find me complaining about cloudy skies and wet days. In fact, overcast days make for AMAZING light for outdoor family and senior portraits!

But, things  around here aren’t always what you might call “predictable,” especially in late spring when you’re trying to shoot a family portrait session on location.

And so it went recently for this beautiful family of four. The evening before the session brought a deluge. It lasted throughout the night.  The next morning didn’t fair much.  By mid-afternoon it was beginning to taper off, but sproradic rain showers kept persisting throughout the day.

But, along came Kara, Mike, Ella, and Atticus who  decided that they were going to bring their own version of sunshine.  And their big smiles pretty quickly chased all that rain away.

Below are a few of the results of a super-fun evening at Mary S. Young Park in West Linn, Oregon.  Ominous clouds made way for perfectly  overcast skies that created beautiful portrait lighting.  The overnight rains disappeared, but not before washing  the dust off of the leaves and reveling a backdrop for family portraits you just couldn’t find in any studio!

But don’t worry!  Family and Senior Portrait season is here!  While this family’s portrait session was a little touch and go, summer is around the corner, and I’m predicting plenty of clear skies during the months ahead.

Check out the photos below (you can click on the images to see larger versions) and then be sure to book your family or senior portrait session today!