Gunnar is a senior at North Clackamas High school who is “very passionate for things such as the law and justice for all.”. In fact, Gunnar has his sights set on going to law school and becoming a prosecuting attorney.

And when he’s not prepping for law school, Gunnar has a life full of hobbies including gaming, eating, hanging out with friends, playing with his dog, and learning to play the electric guitar.  Fun fact, he’s also a 7 time carpet ball champion!

A few weeks before Gunnar’s senior portrait session, Gunnar and his Dad and I met over zoom to plan his senior photo shoot.  He identified three locations where he really wanted to be photographed: (1) “The forest behind my house, (2) a courtroom, preferably an older, big one, and (3) a stage with a background of other band equipment.” So we set out to make that happen.

We began Gunnar’s session at his home in wooded area near his house.  Like most senior boys, Gunnar likes to dress casually and usually wears “sweat pants and a t-shirts with a jacket or sweatshirt.”. 

We definitely captured some images of Gunnar looking comfortable in his backyard. But this kid also has a keen sense of style.  One of his favorite pieces of clothing is a suit jacket and pants with roses on it, accompanied by pink flowery shirt and flower tie. He rocked it!

After the warm up in Gunnar’s backyard, it was time to head to the Courthouse.  Gunnar’s Dad made some calls and was able to convince the clerk of the historic Oregon City Courthouse to allow us to photograph inside several of the courthouses while the judges were on their lunch break.

Once again, Gunnar had a very specific plan.  “In the courtroom, I’d like to do a few power poses, one with me pointing an accusing finger.”. We worked to create some images that were similar to the courtroom scenes that you might see in some of the old Hollywood movies.

And of course we captured some images outside of the courthouse as well. The historic architecture of the Oregon City Courthouse made for a great backdrop for a high school senior who is aiming for law school after graduation.

And finally, it was time to leave Oregon City and head to a location with a very different atmosphere.  Once again, Gunnar’s Dad came through. He convinced Kent, the owner of “At the Garages,” to let us photograph Gunnar on their stage prior to opening. At the Garages is a taphouse in Lake Oswego, Oregon that also features great food, pool tables, big screen tvs and a lot of live music. Learn more at

Gunnar wanted to be photographed playing his red, electric Fender guitar. And we pulled out all the stop to create the perfect rock scene.  Kent turned on the stage lights, I pulled out my fog machine, we added some colored gels to my photography strobe lights and we made Gunnar look and feel like a total rockstar!

Are you ready to bring your personality to your high school senior portrait session?  Whether you do it, or dream of doing it, I can help you create senior pictures that tell the world a beautiful story that’s all about you.  Learn more at!

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