Gwen is a strong, artsy, goofy, think outside of the box type of high school senior from Spring Water Trail Highschool in Gresham, Oregon. “I like to be original,” was one of the first things that Gwen told me.

Gwen loves to make things with her hands, especially little things. She crochets, makes ceramics, and books, and sews. She likes to take apart clothes and make them into different things.

Gwen is also a mover and a shaker. Literally.. She can be frequently found upside down in the kitchen or spinning in the living room. When I asked her to tell me something unique about herself she replied, “If I could live in a circus gym that would be awesome…I actually want to run away with the circus.”

I mean, she even brought a hula hoop to her senior portrait session!

So we set off to create Gwen’s senior portraits in two of her favorite locations. The first was at Mount Tabor, a park in Southeast Portland, Oregon. Here, Gwen found herself at home hanging from iron fences and perching on top the roofs of various buildings and other structures at the park.

Did I mention that Gwen is a strong high school senior? She doesn’t hesitate to flex her muscles. And she also told me that she can recite 175 digits of pi!

The second location for Gwen’s senior pictures was in the Mount Tabor community of Portland, where she also was in her element. There, we photographed Gwen hanging off the sides of buildings and dancing in the streets.

As the night set in on the streets of Portland, it presented the perfect opportunity to create dramatic portraits with creative colors and lighting.

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