When it comes to personal marketing, a great professional headshot is the cornerstone to your success. The right headshot will give people a positive first impression and is a powerful tool for sharing your personality and ensuring that people will remember who you are.

One thing that makes professional headshot portraits with Brian Pasko Photography unique is the time I spend with each client to understand their goals and create a unique portraits session for that individual. As a result, the types of headshots taken through my studio are as unique as the individuals that I photograph.

Business and Military Headshots

Mathias is a member of the United States National Guard and also a student of business. Mathias was looking for headshots for his college scholarship applications that showed him dressed in his military uniform and a traditional suit and tie.

Because Mathias’ goals were more formal, we chose to photograph him in the studio with a traditional gray backdrop that brought a strong focus on his face and clothing.

Women in Non-Profits and Business

Hilary is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for a large fast food chain in the Pacific Northwest. She also serves on the Board of Directors of several regional non-profit organizations.

On location headshot portrait of a woman in business suit in an outdoor setting.

Hilary was looking for professional headshots to share with other professional and colleagues that would also be used on the websites for her company and for the non-profit organizations for which she volunteers. She wanted “strong professional images that convey spirit, personality, a contribution to humanity and my commitment to the Pacific Northwest.”

On location headshot portrait of a woman in business suit standing in a farm field.

Because Hilary’s work involves working with the agriculture community, we decided that a family farm would be a great location for her professional headshots.

On location headshot portrait of a woman in business suit visiting a client greenhouse.

Medical Professionals and Students

Carmen was referred to me by one of her colleagues, Laurel. I have photographed Laurel’s family, including her husband, two growing girls, and their energetic dog for years.

When Carmen contacted me she was about to complete her doctorate in nursing. She was in need of some professional images that she could use for social media, networking, headshots for future employers, and also her graduation announcements.

Casual on location headshot portrait of a woman in an outdoor location.

I presented Carmen with several location options and she decided that she liked “the more natural look of the outside of out -of-studio look.” Carmen loves the outdoors and hiking, so nature is a big part of her personality. As a result we chose a local park and wetland for her headshot portraits.

I asked Carmen to hare a pinterest board of images that she felt reflected her style and personality, and we worked to create a series of images that complemented her style and were unique to her. For Carmen, this meant creating headshot portraits that struck a balance between professional and casual.

On location headshot portrait of a woman nursing student at an outdoor location.

As you can see, headshot portrait sessions with Brian Pasko Photography are far from one-size-fits all. I take the time to work with each of my clients to understant their unique goals and style so that I can tailor a headshot portrait session that fits your needs.

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