I firmly believe that a great portrait can make anyone feel special—no matter what a person’s abilities or disabilities.

I have experience photographing individuals with special needs, and I feel strongly that everyone deserves an amazing portrait experience that they will remember for years to come.

I recognize the unique circumstances involved in creating portraits of individuals with special needs.  As a result, I extend the lengths of my portrait sessions for these individuals at no additional cost to ensure there is plenty of “get to know you” time, opportunities for breaks and unplanned fun, and of course to capture great images. Additionally, discounted rates on my services and products are available upon request for families in need.

Click here to learn more about how my high school senior portrait sessions work and what they include!

If you choose to work with me for your special needs senior portrait session, I encourage you to share as much as you can with me about your unique circumstances as far in advance as possible so that I can accommodate your needs and do everything in my power to give your high school senior an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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Special Needs Estacada high school senior girl portrait picture in moss and forest.

Portrait of a beautiful Estacada High School senior with special needs picture in forest.