Jacob is a star soccer player at Gresham High School. He’s smart, funny, nice, adventurous and loves being outdoors and playing sports (especially soccer).

He was really interested in having his senior portraits done in a familiar environment in his home town, so we chose to spend our time taking pictures in historic downtown Gresham and at the nearby Main City Park.

Downtown Gresham is full of diverse high school senior portrait opportunities, with a lot of backdrops that are perfect for senior pictures all within a one or two block walk.

Jacob and I started at the Gresham Arts Plaza, which is well known for its jumoing fountains for children to play in during the summer months. Bur when the park is more empty the sculptures and benches offer interesting opportunities to create eye-catching senior pictures.

From the arts plaza we wandered the streets in search of great portrait opportunities, and we found plenty among the bricks walls, concrete structures, mesh fences and other features that are typical of an urban streetscape.

From there we hopped into the car for a short one-minute drive across the street to Main City Park. This where we took advantage of the more natural settings to photograph Jacob with his soccer ball.

One of the best features inside Main City Park is Tsuru Island, which is Gresham’s own Japanese Garden. It is beautifully manicurred and a great place to create relaxed and natural looking poses for high school senior portraits.

After graduation, Jacob hopes to travel the world. Perhaps he’ll make it as far as Japan, but best of luck to Jacob wherever the coming years take him!

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