My wife and I just returned from a week-long backpacking trip in Oregon’s amazing Mount Jefferson Wilderness. This was sunset over Marion Lake and Three Fingered Jack on Day 1. (Click on images to view larger versions).

We had stunning views of Mt. Jefferson throughout our trip.  Here’s a shot of the Mountain from its South side on our second day.

On the third day, the sunrise revealed an interesting lenticular cloud over the summit of Mt. Jefferson as seen here from the shore of Hank’s Lake.  (Yes, that’s our orange tent down there at the edge of the lake!)

Day 4 brought us to Jefferson Park, on the Mountain’s North Side where the meadows were full of alpine flowers and small lakes.

The full moon on Day 5 was too perfect not to do a bit of late-night light painting.

Here the moon is lighting Mount Jefferson and Shale Lake lake at night:

Day 6 found us hiking South along the Pacific Crest Trail, away from the Mountain, but the lupine were there to bid us farewell.

Our last day brought us through a section of forest that had recently burned, providing the perfect habitat for wild (delicious) huckleberries.


  1. My wife and I appriciate the photos. Awesome. We didn’t get the oppertunity to visit Marion Lake this summer and are a bit jelous. We have never been. Thanks For Sharing!!!

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