Sunset High School’s Joely is a world traveler.  She’s lived in Taiwan, California, Texas, and now Oregon.

And her dream is to be in the FBI! (How cool is that?!?)

For her senior pictures, Joely really wanted to be photographed in a field setting.  I immediate thought of a little known park  in Gresham where I shot a bride and groom earlier this summer.  As you can see from the images below, the back light that is created as the sun sets on the horizon is really spectacular! Mixed with some additional light from a portable soft box, we were able to create some really beautiful portraits.

Joely is also a big volleyball fan and wanted to take some of her senior pictures in her Volleyball uniform.  To do that,  we visited nearby Mount Hood Community College where we took advantage of the grungy concrete walls that made for a sporty backdrop.

And to get almost the exact opposite effect, we couldn’t resist spending some time at the edge of the lake that is on the campus as well!

Like a lot of  senior girls, Joely’s athletic and outgoing, but has a “girly” side too.  We set out to capture all of Joely’s personality during her senior portrait session!