Kate is a “go with the flow” kind of senior at Oregon City High School. She really enjoys natural areas, and wanted to have her senior pictures taken in the woods or by a stream.

So, we decided on Eagle Fern Park in Clackamas County as the perfect location for Kate’s senior portraits. Eagle Fern is surrounded by old growth forest. And the beautiful Eagle Creek slices right through the middle of the park.

We began Kate’s senior portrait experience on some rocks alongside eagle creek. She was wearing a long maroon dress that complemented the natural environment around her.

Then, we ventured across a small suspension bridhe where we photographed admist the large ferns and tall trees in the park.

To finish, we headed to the north side of the park where Eagle Creek is a bit more wild. There, we captured some stunning, outdoorsy images of Kate wearing jeans and her carhart vest.

Kate enjoys reading, biking, walking, listening to music and watching documentaries. Right now she is reading the “Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath,” because she is a renowned author.

She also plays the guitar. And she likes most types of music but “I really enjoy happy songs,” she says, ” So my current favorite song is “Pardon Me” by The Cox Family.

Kate also has a foreign exchange student, Irene, staying with her this year. Kate wanted some pictures of her and Irene together, and we took some time to capture some senior portraits for Irene as well. Irene is from Spain and is spending her senior year at Oregon City High School. After she graduates, Kate also wants to travel around the world and the country.

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