Century High School senior, Kian, wants to go to college to become a computer programmer. He has big, fiery red hair and soft green eyes.

And he’s more than a bit of a book worm. Every spare minute he has, you’ll find himself buried in a good book. When asked about his interests, Kian responds: “reading, reading, board games, reading, video games, and reading.” “I spend 90% of my free time reading,” he says.

It’s no surprise that he enjoys quiet and solitude. But he also enjoys forested areas with trees. So when it came time to decide on a location for Kian’s high school senior portraits, we decided to take his senior pictures at Rood Bridge Park.

Rood Bridge Park is a large park in Hillsboro, Oregon near Kian’s home. Kian has spent a lot of time in the park as a kid with his two brothers. So it made a fitting place for his high school senior pictures.

Kian’s mom had two requests. First, she desperately wanted a picture or two of Kian smiling. That sounds simple until you realize that “I don’t smile” is a mantra that Kian hold core to his being.

Nevertheless, even the grumpiest high school senior boy can be caught in a smile when you treat him like the adult he is. And maybe also talk to him a bit about his favorite books and video games!

Kian’s mom also wanted a portrait of Kian, surrounded by his favorite books. This was to complement a prophetic baby picture taken of Kian almost twenty years ago, sitting and reading with a pile of books on the floor

Kian has a favorite piece of clothing that was true to his personality and fitting for his high school senior portraits. It’s a t-shirt that reads: “Never judge a book by its movie.” we also captured some senior pictures of Kian playing chess in the park.

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