Liam isn’t just any high school senior guy, he is a contagiously happy violinist and loves to run track at West Linn High School. For his senior portraits, Liam wanted to take his pictures dressed in a handsome suit with his violin in nature and along the Clackamas River. He also wanted to capture some great images of him in his track uniform running on the West Linn High School track.

High school senior portraits are an important milestone in a young person’s life, marking the transition from childhood to adulthood. As such, it’s important to choose the right location for these portraits that will not only provide a beautiful backdrop, but also symbolize the significance of this moment.

Mary S. Young Park in West Linn, Oregon was Liam’s first choice of location for his high school senior portraits. He grew up enjoying and running in the park and it it was the perfect match for his personal style and personality.
And to add even more of his personality to his senior pictures, Liam opted to use his violin and wear a dapper blue suit to add an extra layer of sophistication and style to his senior portraits.

The violin is a timeless instrument that is associated with elegance, refinement, and artistry. Liam is a passionate musician, and incorporating his violin into his senior pictures showcased his talent and love for music.

Similarly, a suit is a classic piece of clothing associated with sophistication and professionalism. A suit can also serve as a symbol of growth and maturity as you transition from high school to college and beyond. By incorporating a violin and his suit into his senior portrait session, Liam added a touch of class to his portraits, creating a timeless look that will last a lifetime.

Mary S. Young State Park offers stunning natural scenery that is perfect for capturing senior memories. The park is known for its well-maintained trails, lush green forests, wooden walkways, and views up and down the Clackamas River. The area offers a variety of backgrounds that can be used to create unique and memorable high school senior portraits.

Along with the beautiful landscapes, however, Mary S. Young State park is a location that offers a sense of adventure and excitement. High school senior guys who are looking for a unique way to commemorate their final year of high school should consider having their senior portraits taken at Mary S Young State Park in West Linn. It’s the perfect location for true Oregonians and high school senior guys who love to fish, hike or just be outdoors.

Liam and I hiked from the parking area at Mary S. Young Park, down to the Clackamas river bank, and then back. Once we were finished taking his senior pictures at the park, we took a short drive to the track and field at nearby West Linn High School.

For runners, having their senior portraits taken on their high school track holds special significance as it highlights their athletic achievements and the impact that their sport has had on their life. The high school track holds memories of personal victories, hard work, and the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team. This was the perfect opportunity for Liam to preserve his high school track memories and celebrate his athletic achievements.

In conclusion, having your senior portraits taken at Mary S Young State Park in West Linn, Oregon with a violin and a suit is a great way to commemorate your final year of high school in a unique and memorable way. The park provides a beautiful natural backdrop. And Liam’s choices to use his violin and wear a handsome suit in his senior pictures added an extra layer of sophistication and style to his senior portraits.

And, runners who play track and field have a unique opportunity to use their high school track to preserve their athletic achievements and showcase their individuality in their high school senior portraits. It’s a way to celebrate their hard work and dedication to their sport while creating a lasting memory of their high school years.

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