Maddy recently graduated from Portland State University. She’s proud of her work there and didn’t want to regret not having some photographs of her senior year. As a result, Maddy asked me to help her create some beautiful graduation portraits to commemorate her time on the Portland State University campus.

Portland State University (PSU) has a beautiful campus that is located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. One of the main highlights of PSU’s campus is the spectacular architecture of the university library, which was built in 1977. The library is six-story building which is made of concrete, glass and steel. The interior of the library is light-filled and spacious, with comfortable seating areas and plenty of natural light.

Another standout feature of PSU’s campus is the South Park Blocks, a tree-lined parkway that runs through the center of the campus. The parkway features beautiful greenery, sculptures, and fountains, making it a great place to relax and take a break from studying. The South Park Blocks also host many events throughout the year, including concerts, art shows, and festivals. The parkway is an ideal spot for students to meet up with friends, study, or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It’s also a great location for senior year portraits!

Maddy majored in public health and already has a job in health care lined up for after graduation. Collegegraduation is a significant milestone in a student’s life, marking the completion of their college education and the transition into the next phase of their career or personal journey. One way to commemorate this achievement is by having a graduation portrait taken.

There are several reasons why students at Portland State University should have their graduation portraits taken during their senior year.

First, a graduation portrait is a way to document your academic achievements. Maddy chose to wear her graduation dress and also her cap and gown so that she could be photographed in the attire that she wore during her graduation ceremony. The resulting images serves as a visual representation of her hard work and dedication to her education.

Second, graduation portraits can serve as keepsakes for both you and your family. Many families proudly display these portraits in their homes as canvasses on the wall, framed prints, or even beautifully designed albums. This artwork serves as a reminder of the student’s achievements and the proud moments shared with loved ones. And for students, graduation portraits during their senior year can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation as they move forward in their personal and professional lives.

Finally, a graduation portrait can also serve as professional headshot as you go out into the world and begin a new career. It is an excellent opportunity to update your LinkedIn profile picture, social media avatar, or to dress up your resume!

There are many reasons why students at Portland State University choose to have their graduation portraits taken during their senior year. These portraits serve as a visual representation of the student’s academic achievements, commemorate the friendships and connections made during the student’s time at the university, serve as a keepsake for both the student and their family, and can also be a great opportunity to capture a professional headshot as you launch your post-college career.

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