It was a frigid day for a senior portrait session, but Gresham High School’s Maddie was a total champ!

High School Senior Portrait - Senior Pictures Portland

We had planned what we hoped would be an amazing day in the Columbia River Gorge but mother nature had different plans. She brought 30 mile per hour winds and temperatures that hovered around freezing for most of the day. It was no doubt one of the most challenging photography situations I have encountered. But Madeline was determined to make the most of her Gresham High School senior portrait session!

Picture of a high school senior girl with portrait in white coat and white wall.

We began our afternoon at Horsetail falls in the Columbia River Gorge, where the frozen spray from the waterfall had turned the pavement to glass! Fortunately we found a safe spot nearby that allowed us to capture the waterfall in the background. We then spent some time shooting in nearby spots, taking frequent breaks to warm up in our cars and enduring the winter-like conditions as long as we could!
Black and White Portrait of a high school senior girl with picture near a waterfall.

Retreat!  After we had our fill, we decided to get out of the windy Gorge in search of better weather.  We found it—inside!  On our way back to Gresham at McMenamin’s Edgfield in Troutdale, we took advantage of an out of the way staircase and a sheltered foyer.  My translucent reflector with a flash behind it doubled as a softbox and Maddie and I were able to create some classy and more dramatic indoor portraits.
Dramatic high school senior portrait with picture of a girl on stairs.

Dramatic black and white portrait of a high school senior girl.

After we had warmed up, it was time to head outside again and catch the last of the evening light.  There are an amazing number of shooting opportunities at Edgfield, from old barns, to fields, vinyards and more.  By this time the wind had died down and we were having so much fun we shot right through a beautiful December sunset!
Picture of a high school senior portrait with winter hat picture taken at sunset.

Black and white picture of a high school senior girl in winter.

High school senior portrait with beautiful picture of girl in flannel against rustic wood barn.