Makayla is one of the first seniors to graduate from Adrienne C. Nelson High School in Clackamas. Adrienne C. Nelson is one of Oregon’s newest schools, having just opened its doors in Fall 2021. The school is named for Justice Adrienne Nelson, the first African American to sit on Oregon’s Supreme Court and any other appellate court in Oregon.

When Makayla and her mom first callled me about her senior portraits, they weren’t quite sure where to start. Makayla wasn’t sure what she wanted her senior portraits to look like or what she was going to do with them. She didn’t have locations in mind, and was undecided about which outfits to wear.

But I assured her that she’s not the only high school senior who ifinds planning a senior portrait session a bit scary and daunting and that I would help her every step of the way.

I provided Makayla with a list of potential locations and offered my advice on places that interested her. Ultimately, she decided to create her senior portraits at Happy Valley Park, which is near her home. Happy Valley Park has a great mix of fields, fences, and a beautiful wooden walkway that meanders through the wetland on the property.

After I provided them some tips about choosing outfits, Makayla and her mom decided to do some shopping in the days before her senior portrait session. They found a stunning dress and a classy shirt and pants. They didn’t just look great on her, they made her feel comfortable and reflected her own sense of style.

Today, Makayla’s mom has an incredible 3 foot long framed print hanging in her home, which has a custom designed composite of her favorite senior portrait’s of Makayala. And Makayla’s grandmother was given a beautiful desktop folio.

Makayla’s high school senior portrait session began with uncertainty, and ended with heirloom-quality art handing in her home. I can help you do the same. Visit https:/ to learn more!