Oregon is an amazing place to live, and one of my favorite spots is the tucked away little town on the coast known as Manzanita. (Click on the images below to see larger versions).

Picture of family silhouette at ocean with blazing sun at sunset in Manzanita Oregon.

Oregon is special in that all of our beaches allow for public access by state law, which means a lot of people spend a lot of time enjoying our shoreline.  That can make enjoying the serenity of the beach without the crowds a challenge.

Picture of rocky ocean shoreline and waves at Manzanita Oregon.

People flock to the popular beaches from Astoria to Tillamook, to Lincoln City, but for some reason many seem to bypass this quite town just south of Cannon Beach.

Picture of black crow bird with food morsel in Manzanita Oregon.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a bit off the regular route, with a slower night life, but for our family the amenities are perfect.  There are quaint coffee shops, local pups, amazing food, and of course a beautiful sandy beach that you can walk for miles and enjoy the colorful sunset skies only found on our West Coast.

Picture of colorful sunset with sand and ocean in Manzanita Oregon.

Of course, Manzanita is just one of the amazing places that Oregon has to offer!  If you’re planning a visit or looking for things to do in Oregon, check out this list of the 100 Best Things to Do in Oregon!