Nik is a high school senior who hails from Molalla High School in Oregon. He is interested in coding, hand-done woodworking, and some video games. “I may or may not be underselling how much I play video games,” he adds.

Nik also admits to some stranger danger as well. He confesses he avoids talking to people “unless I absolutely have to”. (Don’t we all?!?!?)

And did I mention that he’s got one great, dry sense of a humor? Photographing Nik at his home in Molala was quite a treat!

Nik laments the fact that he has been in the less than 1 percentile of height for guys his age for his entire adolesence. But that’s okay – they say short people live longer, right?

When the topic came to music, he said that he really enjoys the song “Bullet” by Hollywood Undead. And then he quickly added “Please don’t he alarmed if you listen to it – I am not suicidal. I jut think the horrifuing lyrics with the upbeat tune are hilarious!”

Nik lives on a large piece of property in Molalla, surrounded by neighboring farm land. A heavy fog set in on the day of his sesssion, but that didn’t keep us from exploring his property. We found a small tream and some fences and spent some time on his childhood swingset. Oh, and I was chased down his driveway by a flock of giant geese (his parents raise them).

Nik also has a couple of dogs that he adores.

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