Nine year-old Gabe is a boy who is passionate about Dinosaurs.  I would even call him an expert.  He sure knows A LOT about them—certainly more than me!

And so went our photo shoot last week. We had a ton of fun in the sun, talking about dinosaurs, and basketball, and big sisters—and the whole time Gabe’s mom kept gushing at the images that were appearing on the back of my camera!

In fact, I think Gabe might have even had more fun during his portrait session than his big sister, Carly (Sunset High School), did when I helped her create her high school senior portraits this past fall!

Just like Carly, we tailored a portrait session just for Gabe – seeking to show off that happy smile, bring out his unique personality, and capture this fleeting moment in his young life. Carly wanted lots and lots of flowers, so we found the perfect field of daisies for her senior portraits.  For Gabe, mom’s goal was to create the perfect headshot that would become a 16×20 framed print to hang on the walls of their home—sandwiched in between two similar portraits of his two big sisters that were taken when they were his age.

We all know that time passes way too quickly. Drop me a note and I’m happy to work with you to create the perfect portrait session.  I can help you you catch these once in a lifetime moments of your family so that you and they can cherish them in the years to come.