Sarah is a snowboarder, so creating some destination senior portraits with Mount Hood standing tall in the background made perfect sense! She said she wanted her senior pictures to have “an image focused on me but with a cool landscape in the background.”  As a result, we chose to photograph her at Trillium Lake and White River Snow Park with iconic views of Oregon’s Mount Hood behind her.

Sarah hails from Edgewood High School in Madison, Wiisconsin. But she’s spent three summers now attending snowboard camp at Mount Hood, most recently as a counselor in training.

Sarah calls this her ” happy place….” have great memories there.”

Sarah describes herself as a laid back person who is creative and clever. “I would also call myself adventurous and artistic.

In her spare time, Sarah likes to to snowboard, run cross country, play softball, listen to music, bike, hang out with friends, and listen to more music. (Her favorite genre of music is indie).

Her favorite website is Spotify and favorite food is ice cream. She enjoys also enjous skateboarding, hiking and biking. She roots for the Milwaukee Brewers (we Oregonian’s will forgive her).

After graduate Sara looks forward to attending college, discovering what she wants to do, and puruing her dreams.

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