I had the privilege of photographing Scarlet this past May, just before Oregon City High School’s Prom. The springtime flowers and cherry blossoms accented Scarlet’s beautiful red dress. This setting, along with a bit of creative lighting, resulted in stunning images of Scarlet and her boyfriend, Wyatt, to commemorate their senior prom.
We had a ton of fun at their high school senior prom session! And by the end, both Scarlet and Wyatt were both excited to have their senior portraits taken with Brian Pasko Photography!
Scarlet is truly beautiful, inside and out. She cares deeply about her family, especially her little sister Mia. And after high school, she hopes to travel and teach English in a third world country.
Moreover, Scarlet is a ton a fun to be around. She describes herself as “outgoing, fun, energetic, bubbly, talkative, and picky.”
But behind it all, Scarlet’s your typical high school senior. When she’s not hanging out with Wyatt and her family, you’ll find her sleeping, shopping, and hanging out with friends. She also enjoys playing tennis, swimming, doing her makeup, and tanning.
But Scarlet is also pretty darn witty. She prides herself on knowing “lots of cool, random facts.” Her memory kept me entertained throughout her high school senior portrait session!
Scarlet loves nature and wanted to take her high school senior pictures outdoor. And she wanted a senior portrait location that would complement her style of trendy, girly, and chic dresses.
We explored a lot of location options for Scarlet’s high school senior portrait session. We couldn’t choose a favorite, so we ultimately decided on two close by locations that would give us a variety of different looks.
We started the afternoon at Mcmenamin’s Edgefield Hotel, which sits on a beautifully manicured property in Troutdale, Oregon.
The Edgefield site is a historic site, originally built in 1911 as a County poor farm. Today it is a resort, known for its beautiful grounds and organic garden.
The vineyards on the property, colorful flowers, and even old ruins make it an ideal location for a high school senior portrait session.
Every direction you look at Edgefield presents a new opportunity for a beautiful portrait background. This provided Scarlet with a wide variety of senior pictures from which she could choose.
After we finished enjoying the grounds at Edgefield, we headed to the Sandy River Delta Park. The Sandy Delta is a well-known dog park just down the road from Edgefield.
The park’s open fields and old dilapidated fences provide a unique option for outdoor senior pictures. And the Sandy River Delta Park has something new to offer each month as the season’s change.
We spent more time than expected at Edgefield. A concert and several weddings that were also taking place on the premises created a lot of traffic and competition. As a result, we arrived at the Sandy River Delta Park just as the daylight was rapidly disappearing.
But we were still able to capture some beautiful images of Scarlet in a super-cute patterned dress. The orange-yellow dress was a beautiful complement to the natural colors in the fields at Sandy Delta Park.
Did I mention that Scarlet is fun, outgoing, and energetic? We were having so much fun creating her high school senior pictures that we kept shooting until well after the sun had set.
And we also made time to capture some family portraits as well as some beautiful images of her and Wyatt.
In the end, we gave Scarlet a high school senior portrait experience that she will remember. Along with a wide variety of creative senior pictures to document her senior year.
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