Wyatt is Scarlet’s first serious boyfriend. And Scarlet’s Mom wanted to make this year’s Oregon City High School prom extra special for the two of them.

When Scarlet’s mom approached me about photographing Scarlet and her date on prom night, I was really excited about what we could capture. We immediately began scouting for the perfect location to create beautiful prom portraits for their high school senior year.

We finally decided on the Baker Cabin Historic Site near Carver Park in Oregon City. The property contains a small pioneer church and an old cabin. And it was the perfect season for portrait photography because the gardens and flowering cherry trees were in full bloom. The red roses and pink blossoms perfectly complimented Scarlet’s red dress and Wyatt’s fuchsia tie.

We began in the garden area near the church where I used a large softbox and strobe to light the couple and control the ambient light in the background. I also used a small hair light to separate Scarlet and Wyatt from the trees and colorful spring blossoms behind them.

When we finished in the garden, we made our way back to the old cabin. There we created portraits of Scarlet and Wyatt sitting on a set of rustic wooden stairs.

Of course, we also created some individual portraits as well. All of these images were included in a portrait session album that Scarlet’s mom asked me to create as gifts for Scarlet and Wyatt.

And their timing is perfect. About 15 minutes after our session ended, the skies parted and we all drove home in a complete downpour!

In the end, we had a great time and I’m looking forward to photographing Scarlet’s high school senior portraits this fall! This prom portrait session was the perfect way to guarantee that they would have a night to remember.

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