Folks that know me know that I’m a big fan of Mount Hood and the forests that surround it, so when I got the chance to photograph this beautiful family at their cabin near Rhododendron, I grabbed my gear, hopped in my truck expecting to have a ton of fun! (Click on the images below to see larger versions!)

Family portrait with coordinated clothing picture of mom, dad, two sisters at summer cabin in the forest.

And I sure was right! When I asked who wanted their picture taken first, six year old Sela was the first to jump.  She showed me all of her favorite spots, including a fort and a fairy garden that was in the woods next to the cabin!  And she’s a big fan of the family dog, Bruno.

Family portrait of a girl and her dog picture in forest during summer at family cabin.

She’s pretty keen on her big sister, Quinn too!

Family portrait of two sisters picture of girls laying in hammock at summer cabin.

Ten year old Quinn loves to play soccer, and spent a good chunk of the summer reading away on the hammock on the porch of the cabin.

Portrait of a young girl during family portrait session picture in forest at summer cabin.

And Bruno definitely approves of this family’s summer cabin adventures too!

Family portrait of two sisters and their dog picture sitting in forest at their summer cabin.

He’s all in!

Family and pet portrait of the hands of two sisters and picture of their dogs paw.

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