Testing new techniques and learning from other professionals is the hallmark of a certified professional photographer. I am constantly searching for new creative ideas that I can bring to my client’s high school senior, family or other portrait session.

Portrait of High School Senior girl with blowing hair.
Urban portrait og high school girl against blue wall.
Portrait of high school senior dancer leaping through air.
Fashion portrait of woman in business casual outfit.
Portrait of high school senior boy on teal green wall.

The images in this blog post were shot in a studio and also outdoors in downtown Portland, Oregon. They are examples of what happens when photographers and models get together to experiment with new techniques, share our skills, and help each other improve our craft.

High school senior portrait of Jesuit High School girl wearing jeans and a t-shirt against metal wall in Portland, Oregon.
High School senior boy with urban portrait against graditi wall.
Fashion portrait of woman in urban environment with big hair.
High school senior girl in green hooded sweatshirt.
Urban fashion photograph with creative gel lighting.
Commercial professional headshot of man with nice smile and white background.

Moreover, everything here can be brought into a portrait session scheduled with my studio!  Do you see something here that you like?  Have another creative idea?  Let’s talk about how we can apply these concepts to your high school senior pictures, your next family portrait session, or a creative fashion shoot designed just for you!

Grungy fashion portrait of high school girl against urban fence with creative lighting.
High school senior portrait of boy against urban chain link fence.
High school senior portrait of boy in urban setting and graffiti wall.
Fashion portrait of woman in black dress.
High school senior portrait of a boy looking cool in urban Portland Oregon.

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