Those of you who have spent time with me know that I’m a big fan of Oregon’s Waldo Lake – our second largest lake and one of the three purest water bodies in the entire world.

It’s a pretty spectacular place, bordered on one side by designated Wilderness, but with many of the forests surrounding the lake still unprotected. Fortunately, several of Oregon’s U.S. Senators and Representatives are expected to introduce legislation in the next Congress to permanently protect these areas.  And this comes on top of a successful state legislative effort several years ago that prohibits motors ad seaplanes on the lake.

The result is a rare natural wonder set in a backdrop of quiet and tranquility that we hope will be preserved for many generations to come.  Here are a few images from a short try to the Lake this summer.  Click on the images to see larger versions.

Photograph of Waldo Lake at dawn in Central Oregon.

Sunrise on Waldo Lake, Oregon.