Zach is a high school senior at Portland Adventist Academy and considers himself shy, adventurous, and artistic.

So we decided to explore his artistic side by photographing him on a tapestry of colorful grafitti and urban landscapes and along the waterfront in Southeast Portland, near downtown.

Both of Zach’s parents are photographers, so he’s no stranger to being in front of the camera. And I was honored that he and his parents trusted me to create Zach’s senior portraits.

When he’s not rocking his high school senior pictures, Zach enjoys reading, music, rock climbing, snowboarding, and basketball.

He’s a fan of progressive metal music and likes to go on surfing trips with his friends.

He can even do a backflip, but he recently had some surgery on his ankle so we decided not to test his luck just for the sake of a cool senior picture.

But, as always, we made the time to create a bautiful family portraits of Zach with his mom and dad in fron tof the downtown Portland skyline and the Williamette River,.

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